Corruption and fraud run rampant in Washington today.  James will eliminate the incompetent departments and agencies identified by the GAO and the CBO and, through strong leadership, clear a path for those who want to truly move our country forward to allow them to do so.



Important departments within the government have been decimated, and in some cases, eliminated.  James will restore those departments that are needed to support growth of the US Economy.  He will look to his vast network of industry leaders to form oversight boards to assure that budgets are put to the best use for the American people.

Educate the Electorate


The electorate is looked down upon in today's political environment, proven by the tactics utilized by both parties that assume the electorate to be incompetent.  James will utilize the White House Press Room and the White House Communications Department to restore the honor and duty of a free press, to make the electorate a true part of our democracy and utilize their knowledge as our country's greatest platform on which to grow in an ever-changing world.

Economic Policy


The American economy remains strong, but there are warning signs of bubbles that might burst and of hidden weaknesses. James will create a more sustainable economy that results in federal budget surplus. Costs need to be cut in many areas and more investment in others.  He will support and invest in entrepreneurship to find radically disruptive ideas that can catapult our economy for the decades to come.