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West Point Alum Takes 2020 Election by Surprise

Vestermark invades Iowa with message of transformation, restoration and educating the electorate.

Jamestown, NC May 27, 2019: James A. Vestermark, 71, has announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Vestermark, who graduated from The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York plans to use his exceptional public, private sector and international non-profit experience to excite the Electorate forward for meaningful changes, conduct and leadership. Although a registered Independent, Vestermark has decided to compete for President as a Republican and welcomes the challenge to take on all competitors.

On Thursday, June 6th, the 75th Anniversary of Normandy, Vestermark will return to his birth state of Iowa to Rollout a multi-state campaign starting in Keokuk, Iowa, and then in the city of West Point, Iowa. During the multiple city Rollout, the Veteran, entrepreneur, engineer, author and artist will be presenting creative, common sense ideas to:

  • benefit the Electorate financially,

  • bolster First Amendment Rights, and

  • educate the Electorate on issues of major importance.

On this trip, Vestermark will visit a manufacturing business, address church congregations, and listen to the needs of National Guard and ROTC units and non-profits serving those at risk. Vestermark carries with him messages to Americans of hope and encouragement from American entrepreneurs, and from friends in the Middle East.  

When asked about his own political aptitude, Vestermark displays a healthy mix of confidence in the democratic process, balance of power and the rule of law, courage of conviction to do the right thing, and humility. “I took an oath, three times, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” says Vestermark, harkening back to his oath, swearing-in days as a Volunteer in the Regular Army, and while at West Point with all earnestness at his command. “Those oaths don’t come with an expiration date.”

Upon graduating from West Point and serving in the US and Panama, Vestermark got a chance to put those oaths into action managing the development of classified applied physics programs for the Department of Defense, NASA and materials collaboration at sensitive research laboratories and facilities.

“Not all of my life and work has been classified,” he says modestly.  “I have enjoyed public sector work assisting women-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses, and as a mentor in the Veterans’ Treatment Court Programs. These efforts have been towards my aim of improving this nation, and protecting its people, as well as advancing technology sustainability to protect NATO countries and Israel. I see my responsibilities as President as being much of the same.”

While troubled by the discourse of today’s politics, he is not without hope. Vestermark sees the lack of discipline, dishonesty and corruption as intolerable, indefensible, and intrinsically destructive to the nation. For this reason, his national platform begins with a willful admission to the limitations of the role of the President under the Constitution, coupled with the necessity to listen and insure bipartisan cooperation across all levels of government. Vestermark vows to set the example of the Executive and to exercise a balanced view of leadership, governing from the center with compassion, discernment and justice.  Vestermark strives to create a more perfect nation through equal application of the law. No one is above the law.

When Vestermark was asked if he would win the presidency, his answer was direct and determined: “Our team must win. There is no substitute for victory. The very nature of our nation is weeping for change, for equal justice, for hope and the pursuit of happiness. With God’s will, yes, We the People will win. We must remember who we are as a Nation; out of many, one.”